Food For Thought – Liverpool Event Photography

“Ital – pronounced ‘eye-tal’ is a way of eating associated with Rastafari. All ital food is natural, from the earth and raises livity – the positive life force in us all. So eat ital & feel irie!” – Ital Fresh.

I made the change to veganism almost two years ago, and it feels like I picked a pretty exciting time to – there seems to be more choice now than ever before, with a real vibrant community of people all excited for change. I met Poppy a year ago at one of her supper clubs, and since then she and her partner Dan have been spreading their love of delicious caribbean-inspired food and community through their catering company Ital Fresh – you can find their ridiculously good food at their pop-up restaurant at District (in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle).

They’ve more recently begun hosting Food For Thought, a free weekly event – every Thursday 5-11pm – which combines their pop-up restaurant with an evening of creativity – a mix of poetry, music and storytelling. I absolutely love what they’ve created, there’s such a wonderful feeling of being part of something refreshingly different, and I headed home from their opening night feeling full of inspiration and pretty good food!

Here are some of my fave photos from their opening night!

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And here is the food I ate…I-tal Superfood Salad – spinach, avocado, soul slaw, sweet potato, plantain with a balsamic mango dressing with mixed seeds, and some curry channa on the side…seriously this stuff was SO good…get yourselves down there!


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