One of the very first shoots I did when embarking on this photography journey was a family session, many years ago. I knew pretty much instantly that this was the type of work I wanted to continue creating. However, back then, the family photography world was pretty quiet in the UK, and although my focus has always been a mix of family sessions, weddings and natural portraits, I have always felt a bit hesitant about taking a bigger leap with my family photography work. I guess I felt uncertain about whether a bigger focus on family photography was even possible, when everywhere I looked most photographers seemed to be focused on weddings full-time.

When I saw last year that photographer Anna Hardy had begun hosting The Roost – a family photography workshop – I immediately signed up. I’ve always felt inspired by Anna’s approach, and loved the idea of finally being part of a bit of a family photography community via her workshop, along with learning all about how she has made her business work! Spending the day hearing Anna’s story, her ‘why’, and how she approaches her family photography business was incredibly refreshing and inspiring. I realised a big part of that hesitancy and fear I’ve experienced within my work was essentially about waiting for some sort of external permission, and proof that it was indeed possible. Anna had created her own proof, and being part of her workshop just made me want to finally put those fears aside and jump in!

I loved the fact that Anna showed us everything within her business – she really didn’t hold back when it came to sharing details and answering any questions that anyone had. My camera actually ended up staying in my bag as I felt totally inspired to soak up everything she was teaching us – I came away with a notebook of ideas, inspiration, and plenty of practical tools to help me expand my family photography business – as well as that extra courage I’ve been needing for a good while!

If you’re a photographer looking to jump in to family sessions, I wholeheartedly recommend Anna’s course The Roost – go take a look here for more info!