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Demetra in New Jersey USA

Christina in Boston USA

I want you to think about the photos you’d like to take of yourself with your phone.

You like having control of your phone, and the freedom you have in your own space, but there’s often a gap – those images of yourself in your mind often don’t match up to what you see in your camera roll.

And it’s not always due to a lack of confidence, either.

If you could keep some of the control, along with your home comforts, but your phone camera was to grow a brain perhaps, you know those photos of you would feel way more you.

Like finally your camera was trying a bit harder.

So, I’m here to tell you I will be the brain (and heart) of your phone camera.

All via the magic of an app…

How Does It Work?

All you need is your phone and internet connection!

You’ll download an app which is where all the magic will happen.

We’ll essentially be having a video call while I take your photo!

Behind the Scenes

I’m one of those people who doesn’t know what to do with my face when there’s a camera in front of it.

The unexpected magic of this remote shoot is that it felt like there was no camera in the room, and what came out of the shoot was rare – photos that I love AND that truly feel like ME.

I so recommend a remote shoot with Katy. It’ll be cosy, hilarious, and wonderfully affirming.

Christina, Boston USA


It’s always so hard for me to see myself because I’m so critical of myself. However, Katy captured my natural energy and I felt so confident.

I was so surprised with what we created with it being a remote shoot!

I was nervous but I truly trusted the process. Katy made it simple and was so kind and fun to work with.

Demetra, New Jersey


Who are remote shoots for?

I focus on photographing individuals – whether that’s someone who’d like some new photos of themselves and a little confidence boost, or an artist who’d like some new portraits for their business.

Should I book a remote shoot or a real life shoot for my creative business?

An in-person/real life shoot obviously means I can move around and get details of you working that I won’t be able to get during a virtual shoot.

However, if you’re just after some fresh portraits of you and aren’t in need of many ‘process’ photos, a remote shoot will be fine for this. We can still get a handful photos of you working – just keep in mind that the detail and variety of photos of you working won’t be the same as an in-person shoot.

For a more thorough documentation of you and your work, I’d love to do an in-person shoot with you!

How does it all work?

It all happens via an app.

We’ll be having a video call for an hour, I’ll just be able to access your camera through the settings of the app! I’ll be able to control the exposure, set the focus; all the stuff you’re able to do on your phone camera.

I’ll then receive all of the photos and I’ll select the best from our shoot, edit them, and upload them to your own private online client gallery for you to view and download.

How will you create photos of me that I'll actually like?

Firstly, the whole process of a remote shoot is so bizarre that it’s guaranteed to make you laugh; I’m taking photos of you via your phone, miles away from you, and we haven’t even met. All rules and formalities are out the window.

That aside, I use a handful of prompts and conversation starters to help loosen you up, and to make it all a bit less weird (only a bit. I’m still a voice in your phone).

The main thing I ask of you is to be open; to be willing to go along with the weirdness, to trust that I know what I’m looking for. A lot of the time it’s the in-between that I’m after; the moment where you laugh at what you just said, the parts where we move from one thing to another.

Also: I’ll never ask you to laugh. Or smile :) :)

Will my phone be good enough?

Although I don’t know what phone you have, I can be sure it’ll be more than good enough! I’ve done a virtual shoot with a very old iPhone before and it still produced some lovely photos.

What if I don't want you to share the photos of me online?

That’s fine! I respect your need to have privacy with your photos of your face. Just let me know either before or after your shoot.

How many areas do we need for the photos?

Three or four spots around your home/space are enough.

However, I’ve done a shoot against just one wall before; the light was great so that made up for the lack of spots we had to use! Keep in mind that within one room we could have all the spots we need – the change in light in various areas can be enough to help the photos look different.

Essentially we don’t need a big house for your photos to work well.

Has that got you interested but you’re still a bit unsure?

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