Remote Photoshoot

I want you to think about the photos you’d love to take of yourself with your own phone.

You like the control of it being your phone, and in the freedom of your home, but there’s often a gap – those images of yourself in your mind don’t quite match up. And you know it’s not always due to a lack of confidence, either.

If you could keep some of the control, along with your home comforts, but your phone camera was to grow a brain, perhaps, you just know those photos of you would feel way more you. Like finally your camera was trying a bit harder.

So, I’m here to tell you I will be the brain (and heart) of your phone camera – if you’ll let me.

We’ll have sixty minutes of collaborative creativity, while I help your phone create the portraits you’ve been wanting to make. All via the magic of an app.

The shoot was somewhat of a therapy session for me. I walked into it feeling a bit vulnerable, but left a little braver. Thank you, Katy, for the opportunity to be photographed, for capturing where I am right now, even if you did happen to be 3,830 miles away when you did it!

Kat, North Carolina


Required: The willingness to try something new, and the ability to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Because it will be ridiculous (peppered with moments of reflection…),

Also required: A tin of beans and a bobble for your tripod. See? Ridiculous.

I can’t believe you could do that from your phone. You made my home look lush –  that’s exactly what I wanted it to look like and you captured it. Being photographed has been a really lovely and uplifting experience. 

Carissa, Portugal



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